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Founded by people just like you, Up World is the secret weapon for start-up marketers. We’re a friendly space for ambitious marketers who want to achieve big things and help others do the same. Meet like-minded marketing mates in our vibrant community, find your dream job and become more confident in your role with our Start-Up Marketing Accelerator.

A word from lottie

My crash landing into start up marketing was thrilling & inspiring but brutally lonely. Over the years I’ve needed marketing mates, I’ve needed recruiters who understand me and my career and support to truly get sh*t done. Up World is everything I wished I had five years ago and I can’t wait to welcome you in…

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About up world

‘I wish I’d found you sooner.’ We hear this all the time, and it makes us proud, but it also reminds us of the work we still need to do. Up World exists to help marketers thrive – whether you’re looking to meet brilliant people, get inspiration from outside your industry, find your dream job or hone your skills, we’ve got you covered.




Up Club is the marketing community you’ve been searching for.

Build relationships that change your career, get fast answers to tough questions and inspiration to think outside your box.

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dream job?

We find great marketers jobs at some of the best fast growth businesses. Our match-makers are like recruiters, but much better – we care deeply about you and your career, and we’re in it for the long run.



Marketing courses that equip you with all the skills you’ll need to supercharge your marketing career – from best practise to leadership.

What keeps us going

We donate 2% of all our revenue, now and always, to the Laadli Boarding Home in Jodphur. There, 18 girls born into extreme poverty have a home, an education and community. Every £50K revenue transforms one life. We love our work, but this is what makes us the most proud.





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