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Remember that these are guides and not a perfect science. But, they also aren’t just arbitrary ideas. They’re best practices which will help you get the best results, keep on top of results simply and efficiently grow a business. They’ll also ensure you remain squeaky clean when other agencies audit your accounts (which they do & will).

Begin by really trying to understand the basic concepts outlined. Read them again and again. Start from the first tab and work your way onto the next in succession. Look at the visuals; study the examples. Come back to this guide time and time again when looking to test, launch etc. Quality check yourself.

There’s nothing in here which is complex in any way whatsoever. Facebook advertising is actually very simple technically. The tough bit is keeping to the simplicity of what’s outlined in here. Again & again & again.

Above all, remember that the ad account is simply amplifying all the efforts you’ve put into your creative, copy, offer, product, website. To get great results, focus on the marketing of your product(s) vs attempting some in-platform hack. Once you’ve run the analysis on the results you’re getting in the ad account, working on new marketing ideas, approaches, angles and concepts is where you should spend your time.

Look at the bigger picture first and then work out how you can move the needle within the confines of the technical guides in this sheet.

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