Lessons from a Unicorn – The Cazoo Story

From having a challenger mindset to setting the gold standard experience. You’re about to learn what it takes to become the UK’s fastest growing Unicorn.

ABout this event

The majority of us work in startups and can only dream about reaching the dizzying heights of Unicorn status.

But Lucas Bergmans is here to tell us the inside secrets and story of how Cazoo, the UK’s fastest ever Unicorn, did just that.

He’ll be discussing…

🚀Understanding customer needs:

  • Having a challenger mindset with ‘strategic naivety’
  • Going deep on the customer journey’s highs and lows
  • Being clear on where you can over-deliver for the customer, and where you can’t

👀Being obsessed with the customer experience:

  • Map out the gold standard experience
  • Listen and constantly evolve & improve
  • Fix the ‘unhappy paths’
  • Make it genuinely scalable

📈Investing in the brand from the start:

  • Be clear on the metrics of success
  • The ROI benefits are broad: volume of traffic, conversion rate, future efficiency, quality of traffic mix
  • Get to grips with ROI as soon as you can.

📣Why company values matter:

  • Every department can impact the customer experience and brand
  • Embed the values with everyone from day one
  • More than just posters on the wall!

About the speaker

Lucas, has spent over 20 years in clientside Marketing roles and has managed over 16 different brands in 11 different categories successfully driving profitable growth every time.

His unique combination of experience spans some of the biggest blue chip food & drinks brands in the world, such as Haagen-Dazs, Heineken and Pepsi as well as some of the most exciting, fastest growing D2C brands in the UK, such as MoneySuperMarket and Cazoo.

He set up Rocket Fuel Inc in 2023 to help the brightest and best start-ups take the leap into becoming scaled mass-market brands by helping them navigate the complexities and bear traps of modern Marketing with confidence and focus.

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