Steven Bartlett’s Former Social Media Manager: Her No Nonsense Guide To Social Success

The social expert behind Steven Bartlett’s personal channels, Holly Hayes is here to share exactly what it takes to see social media success.

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How many times have marketers used The Diary of a CEO or Steven Bartlett in general as an example of great marketing?

A lot right….

Holly Hayes is the former Social Media Manager behind his personal social accounts, in charge of the success of his channels, crafting the comms and ensuring she’s marketing all of the different products and businesses, without selling.

It’s a lot! But Holly has seen astronomic growth on socials throughout her time managing the channels. 

She’s sharing her secrets to social success and will be covering:

  • Think twice before you post…The questions to ask yourself before clicking that button.

  • Cut through the social media noise as we discuss the content myths you’ve been sold.

  • The content tactic that will drastically improve your strategy.

  • Poor engagement on your video content? In this session I’ll tell you why!


Meet Holly Hayes, a creative personal brand strategist and social media expert who has worked with some of the biggest brands and creators.
From the likes of L’Oréal, where she was responsible for starting their TikTok and managing their social channels and most recently Steven Bartlett / The Diary Of A CEO. Where she spoke to an audience of over 7 million daily, published 200 pieces of content per month and was responsible for finding viral content.
She is now working with one of the biggest media companies in the world. Dear Media, an American company championing over 70 female creatives in the entertainment space. 

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