I’ve got a listing. W.T.F. now?!

About this event

So you’ve got THAT phone call from the buyer. She tells you you’re in 300 stores, national if it goes well. You think to yourself why wouldn’t it go well? We’ve got a great product shoppers are crying out for. How hard can it be? With each exciting listing new brands turn up on shelf and onto retailer.com, and with it into the unknown. Retail Marketing can be a vast black hole of possibilities you could do. In this session we’ll help you with a ‘oven ready’ framework to help you decide what you should do when it comes to putting together a retail plan to give you the best possible chance of holding onto that listing.

About the speaker

PJAMA Marketing is a virtual retail marketing consultancy where we focus on smart heads over overheads meaning our clients retail budgets go further. Led by Chris Walker a proud retail marketeer with 15 years experience supporting retailer marketing plans for founder-led businesses as well as household names.

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