How we do marketing with Poke House

Join Relo, Snackfully & ElliotDigital to find out how to turn your Klaviyo emails into high converting flows that keep customers coming back for more.

About this event

With 10 years marketing experience with a passion for the hospitality industry and expertise in building brand awareness through multiple platforms; Holly has spent many years travelling and critiquing the hospitality industry in order for the customer to receive a better level of service. In her career she has supported the launch of the first bookable Michelin Guide online and worked with world renowned chefs to help drive covers during their quieter times. Often invited to venues for her keen eye to detail to support them in providing customer excellence, at this event she’ll be speaking to us about her journey with Poke House.

What we cover:

  • An introduction to Poke House
  • How Poke House structures their marketing
  • How this transitions into the local sector 
  • How Poke House are building their brand in the UK
  • How marketing works hand in hand with operations
  • How Poke House uses data to adapt to the local market
  • What Poke House UK have achieved so far. 

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