How To Structure A Marketing Team

Building out your marketing team and wondering whether to go down the freelancer route or in-house? Or how senior or specialised you need a new role? Join us as with busy some myths are how to build the perfect team.

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Thinking of building out your marketing team? Don’t have a clue where to start or if you’re even doing it right? You’re in the right place.

Lottie has a lot of learnings in how to hire marketing teams and seen a CRAZY amount of learnings with her dealings with other founders!

Building over 10+ marketing teams and having been a sounding board to 100+ Founders (who’s counting?!)

She’s sharing her knowledge on how to build out your team so we can stop making the same mistakes that come from a lack of understanding and preparation. 

Hiring is expensive and making mistakes is costly, so within this talk Lottie is busting some myths:

    • …A freelancer is definitely easier solution than hiring in house 
    • …Non marketing founders can manage marketing themselves 
    • ….Development budgets are optional

About the speaker

Lottie is a start up marketing expert and 2x female founder. Not only is she busy building her businesses but also works as a fractional Marketing Director for brands such as Dr Will’s and  Elizabeth Scarlett. She led marketing at PROPER (doubling revenue in 3 years) and has run Brand Strategy for Pip & Nut, Innermost, Folc and countless other brands.

Oh and she’s also our Founder!

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