How to nail your first job in marketing

Looking to crush it in your first job in marketing? Will Laurenson is on hand to provide you with some helping information to not only survive, but thrive in the world of marketing. 

About this event

Calling all young guns… Are you 1-3 years into your marketing career? Well this event is for you. We know the early stage of your career is key to developing your skills, so this event is for all those looking to nail their role and progress to the next level. Once your foot is in the door you have to think not only about how to stay in the door but work your way around the building, and we’ve got the roadmap to show you how. It’s important to do the best job you can do in such a competitive industry. This talk will help attendees understand how best to manage their time, learning and development.

We cover:

  • Time Management
  • Juggling Team Projects
  • Taking Accountability and Responsibility within your role
  • How managers can best work with their early-stage team members

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