How to Hire Marketers

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You’re doing recruitment wrong, and it’s going to cost you…

  • Hiring before there’s clarity on the job to be done
  • Not future proofing, is that person going to need the same skill set 6-12 months down the line?
  • Forgetting that you, too, are being interviewed

Getting it wrong could lose you money now and in the future. It takes a hell of a long time to do a good job, have you got that time?

Our Head of Match Making Jo Knowler is going to sit down with Rebecca Jones to share their expertise about recruitment, and in particular, how to effectively hire marketers.

With tips for both hiring managers and job seekers alike, this session is not to be missed!

About the Speaker

Jo is our Head Of Match-Making, Jo is our social, content & creative queen. Having spent a number of years recruiting internally for brands such as Lipsy & LADbible, she is now leading the Match-Making team and has oodles of knowledge & connections.

Rebecca (Bee) is our team coach and full time cheerleader, whose role is to make sure our team is happy. She has a killer combination of experience in small and fast-growth businesses, with all the skills of a fully trained marketing manager from big businesses such as P&G, and Amazon.

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