How To Be A Marketing Leader

Working in the start-up or scale-up world with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines? Our Founder, Lottie, has 8 years of experience dealing with both. From working with start-ups all around the world, to founding and leading her own. She’s sharing her top tips for marketing in the scale-up space, using the tactics from our Start-Up Marketing Accelerator Course.

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25th April from 4-5 pm

So you want to level up your marketing career and you’re working hard to get that promotion but it’s not quite working out for you yet….

Thankfully Lottie is here to help.

Lottie Unwin is a start up marketing expert and 2x Female Founder who has over a decade of experience working with start ups and scale ups.

She’s sharing her secrets to dealing with founders, setting yourself up as a marketing leader and how to bag that promotion.

When she first left P&G and the ‘safe’ world of corporate marketing she thought she knew all there was to know about marketing strategies and leading teams. But it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to marketing in the start-up space…

We’re about to show the secret sauce behind our Start-Up Marketing Accelerator Course. With our favourite lessons, tips and tricks. 

This is the perfect opportunity to ask Lottie any questions about advancing your career and whether the Accelerator Course is the perfect fit for you.

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