Digital Marketing if you feel like you’re faking it – SEO

Our ‘Digital Marketing when you feel like you’re faking it’ events always sell out.

About this event

Our ‘Digital Marketing when you feel like you’re faking it’ events always sell out.

This is SO telling of how the community feels. As a marketeer in a small business you’re kind of expected to be a jack of all trades and know your sh*t, so inevitably we all end up having to blag it a little bit…

We’ve partnered with The Pull Agency to offer The Copy Club a whole series dedicated to giving you the core understandings on all things digital, so that you don’t feel like you’re faking it anymore. You can pick the sessions most relecant to you or join all four in our digital marketing series.

The third session in the series will cover everything you need to know about SEO. Okay so you know that you have to do some clever magic to get onto page one of Google, but how exactly do you do it?

Whilst many brands face media budget cuts during these uncertain times, there is still a “free” way to make your brand visible online when budgets are tight. And this is what we want to teach you in this Copy Club Chat.

This session will cover the basics of SEO and how to get your brand visible in search.

About the Speaker

The Pull Agency share their best tips including:

  • Black Hat vs White Hat
  • The 3 main areas to SEO implementation
  • Reviews & SEO
  • Latest algorithms you should be aware of

The session will focus on the knowledge you need to get your site ranking for the key terms you want to appear for.

This event is perfect for anyone starting their SEO journey, works with copy, or for anyone who feels like they need to brush up on how it all works

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