The Unboxing Moment: How You’re Missing A Trick

Standing out to customers is hard, being remembered is harder, driving repeat purchases is nearly impossible. Thankfully Mollie has the answers!

About this event

25th April from 12-1 pm

Cutting through the noise is tough for any marketer. So once your customers make a purchase, you shouldn’t stop there!

This is when you need to work harder to KEEP customers returning.

In this talk Mollie from Penny Black will discuss the importance of customer retention and how you can create an epic strategy to keep your customers returning. 

She’ll cover:

  • The fundamentals of building customer loyalty
  • Post-purchase channels
  • The need to find new ways to cut through and engage your existing customers


And she’ll discuss the 3 ways to achieve cut-through:

  1. Personalise how others aren’t
  2. Create consistent communication that gets noticed
  3. Build community and advocacy

ABOut the speaker

Mollie is Penny Black’s Senior Marketing Manager with 5+ years of experience in ecommerce SaaS, particularly in the customer loyalty and retention space. In her previous role, she headed up the content strategy where she wrote white papers, ebooks and articles that all educated DTC brands on the best ways to build CTLV and long-term, sustainable revenue.

Now, at Penny Black, she heads up our marketing function where she helps brands transform their unboxing moments into their newest and highest-performing marketing channel.

How to Join

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