Spring Cleaning Your Socials: Your SS24 report for social strategy

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your household….it’s time to level up your socials to!


18th April: 12-1pm

The dark nights have dissapeared, the sun is shining, we’re all getting a spring in our step and thinking about starting a fresh. So it’s the perfect time to give your socials a refresh. 

Hannah, our Content Marketing Manager at Brand Hackers (our sister marketing agency!) is here to talk you through 5 content macro trends to consider this year and how you can implement them.

1. Long form content

2. Authenticity vs. relatability

3. The rise of SEO + educational content

4. The power of community 

5. Playful content is in. Edgy is out.

With the help of Jean-Luc, another Brand Hacker legend, this time in the paid world. They’ll be giving you real-life examples and showcasing how not everything is down to organic social. Instead, you need to be utilising paid, influencers and organic, all together! 

about the speaker

Hannah Greenway is the Content Marketing Manager at Brand Hackers and has been the driving force in creating some EPIC content and managing the social channels of some huge brands. Ever heard of Tony’s Chocolonely or Trip?? Yep, Hannah probably created that content. 

 If you’ve got questions around organic social, creating content or bribing Founders to be involved in TikTok videos, then Hannah is your woman!

On the flip side, you have Jean-Luc, Growth Marketing Executive and overall King of paid social. 

From increasing revenue to reducing spend, he’s usually stuck in Facebook Ads Manager or getting creative with how to increase traffic to your website. 

Between the both of them, they’re the perfect pair to ensure you start this new season with the social answers you need to thrive.

How to Join

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