How To Use Miro to Make your Digital Marketing Sing

The number 1 tool your marketing should be using and why you’re missing a trick!

About this event

2nd May from 12-1 pm

There’s so many tools flying about that are apparently meant to make our lives easier as marketers. From Chat GPT to fancy softwares that supposedly help us come up with the best campaigns.

But a hugely underated tool is Miro.

Henry, Founder of Silvertip Digital, a performance marketing agency, is here to show just how useful Miro can be. And how his team uses it to make their clients’ digital marketing sing. It is one of his favourite tools and is an essential part of their day when planning and executing the teams work. 

Within this talk, Henry will discuss:

👉How it can be used to plan different account structures across Meta and Google

👉How it can plan where traffic should be sent to a website

👉How to use it for creative analysis and understanding next steps

👉How it can act as a repository for essential information regarding an account

ABOut the speaker

Henry Marshall set up Silvertip Digital in 2017 because he felt that agencies could provide a better service to SMEs, deliver insight and expertise at reasonable fees, and offer strategic direction to help them grow.

He has specialised in Paid Search since 2012 and has worked at previous agencies, and in-house at House of Fraser for 3 years managing their Paid Search team and a media budget of over £15mpa.

Henry has also delivered multiple Paid Search due diligence projects to ensure businesses have a functioning, sustainable customer acquisition engine to entice private equity investment.

Away from the internet, he will probably be found feeding one of 1 baby, 1 dog, and 2 cats!

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