How To Structure A Marketing Team

Building out your marketing team and wondering whether to go down the freelancer route or in-house? Or how senior or specialised you need a new role? Join us as with busy some myths are how to build the perfect team.


22nd February: 12-1pm

Thinking of building out your marketing team? Don’t have a clue where to start or if you’re even doing it right? You’re in the right place.

Lottie has a lot of learnings in how to hire marketing teams and seen a CRAZY amount of learnings with her dealings with other founders!

Building over 10+ marketing teams and having been a sounding board to 100+ Founders (who’s counting?!)

She’s sharing her knowledge on how to build out your team so we can stop making the same mistakes that come from a lack of understanding and preparation. 

Hiring is expensive and making mistakes is costly, so within this talk Lottie is busting some myths:

    • …A freelancer is definitely easier solution than hiring in house 
    • …Non marketing founders can manage marketing themselves 
    • ….Development budgets are optional


Come with all the questions and be ready to walk away with the knowledge needed to build out the perfect marketing team. 

about the speaker

Lottie is a start up marketing expert and 2x female founder. Not only is she busy building her businesses but also works as a fractional Marketing Director for brands such as Dr Will’s and  Elizabeth Scarlett. She led marketing at PROPER (doubling revenue in 3 years) and has run Brand Strategy for Pip & Nut, Innermost, Folc and countless other brands.

Oh and she’s also our Founder!

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