How To Master Retention Marketing

Virginie, Global CMO of AXA Healthcare, knows that while marketing for new customers is important, KEEPING them is vital! She’s here to share her inside secrets on how her team manages retention marketing.


9th May: 1-2pm

Virginie Faucon is not only a leading marketing expert with over 20 years experience spanning continents, industries and major household brands. She’s also one of our community members!

Virginie is here to share her experience of working from some of the largest global brands including EE, Sky and BBC Maestro. She’s sharing her top secrets on why retention marketing is just as important (if not more!) than constantly trying to convert new consumers. And how you can execute a retention plan to help increase your bottom line.

It’s bound to be a talk jam-packed with marketing secrets, so sign up and bring your notebook.

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about the speaker

Virginie is the Global CMO of AXA Healthcare and former CMO of BBC Maestro. She is an award-winning marketing leader with 20 years’ experience in setting up marketing functions from inception to acceleration and delivering commercial growth.

She has held leadership positions for companies ranging from well-known household brands such as EE, 02, Aviva, Sky,  News UK and BBC Maestro – to high-growth start-ups/ scale-ups – across a range of industries.

Virginie has worked and lived in 6 countries (France, UK, US, Japan, South Africa and Germany) with extensive experience in launching and expanding businesses globally and running localised marketing.

Virginie is also a Board Advisor and school governor and an active member and mentor for Bloom UK and Thrivewithmentoring, She is currently busy studying for her executive coaching accreditation.

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