How To Hire And Develop A Content Creator

Hiring a content creator doesn’t have to be challenging. Bee is here to share her tips and tricks to making the process as easy as possible.


⏳ 28th March: 12-1pm


So you’ve finally made the decision that you need to hire a content creator to help level up your marketing game 📈

But where do you start? In-house? Freelancer? What’s the process? Should you set a task?

You’re heads already starting to spin…

Don’t worry, we’ve got Bee, our resident Chief of Staff to help you out. Bee has years of experience building out teams, coaching people so they can get the most out of their career and ultimately hiring the ultimate superstars 💫

In this talk Bee will cover:

🚀 Getting clear on your expectations of a content creator

🚀 Setting a task at the interview round

🚀 Where to search for your perfect candidate

🚀 In-house V freelancer

🚀 How the onboarding process is key

🚀 How to get the most out of your new content creator 

about the speaker

Bee has spent over a decade ensuring businesses do what they do, just better 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Her unique ability to coach people through their careers providing insight and structured support to help them grow, comes from a passion for making people better at what they do. 

So if you’re ready to level up as a manager, hiring manager, or even grow your team. Then this talks for you! 

How to Join

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