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Your questions about TikTok answered

Your questions about TikTok answered by our resident Content Creator and TikTok expert, Hannah.

Your questions about TikTok answered by our resident Content Creator and TikTok expert, Hannah.

1. Should we always hashtag our business on each video or just use hashtags specific to the content in the video?

A branded hashtag can work really well if it has a purpose – for example: a hashtag you are encouraging your followers to use to create a sense of community e.g. #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola. However, if it is just the name it’s not necessary, and I would focus on interest-based hashtags that will help inform the algorithm.

2. Do you have any advice for getting colleagues to be in on TikTok’s? Everyone in my office refuses.

Show them how easy and fun it can be! They can still get involved without directly talking or dancing in front of the camera. Here are some super low-effort trends you could try with your team:

Our co-workers problems
Meet the team
Work starts at 9am, let’s see what time the team show up

3. What is the ideal number of hashtags to use?

I would recommend 3-5! Make the first 1-3 super niche to the video and the last couple broader.

4. Does it matter where in the captions you write the hashtags? Like is it more effective to write hashtags throughout the caption or just all at the end of the caption on a separate line?

On TikTok hashtags are far more effective in the caption! Keep the caption short and concise, so you have room to keep your hashtags.

5. I’m curious about how useful TikTok is for selling services (not products) and also if it can ever be used in a B2B context?

From beauticians, therapists, and even pool cleaning services, many service led businesses have taken to TikTok.

You can still apply trends to your service, create videos that address your target audiences pain points and most importantly share educational content around your service to build authority as an expert.

Here are some accounts to check out for inspo:

Here’s some examples of TikToks for brands in the community we’ve made to inspire you:

Dr. Will’s
Double Dutch Drinks
Vieve Protein Water

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