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Marketing leaders, how do you stay at the top of your game?

Exclusive community and curated learning for start up Marketing Directors and CMOs. 

Applications open until 30th May.


Connect, confide and grow together

Curated peer support

Solve tough problems in confidential, open curated peer groups, with weekly discussions and a private slack group

Conversations with experts

Learn from accomplished leaders who have done it before at our monthly IRL intimate talks

A powerful network

Navigate and accelerate your journey as a marketing leader with exclusive dinners and day events, with the most impressive marketing leaders from your favourite brands

20 more memberships released

Three months ago we launched a Beta cohort of Big Up Club – a chance for us to experiment and learn. 

Our founding members told us Big Up Club is making them better at their job and making it easier to form connections. The majority were extremely likely to recommend Big Up Club to another senior marketer. 

We’re building the community slowly, together. 

Now, we’re opening the doors again for another 20 places.

Applications will be open from 16th May until 30th May.

What's included in your membership

invite only dinners

Form long lasting friendships and find solace in the sharing of the trials and tribulations of start-up life over a delicious 3 course meal and glass of wine. Held once a quarter in beautiful venues with our own private chef. Our next dinner is on the 5th June.

Curated program of biweekly IRL talks with legendary speakers

Ask questions, get guidance and be inspired by accomplished marketing leaders at our biweekly IRL talks. 

Upcoming talks include:

  • “What investors look for from marketing plans” with Vinay who leads Channel 4 Ventures (the UK’s largest media-for-equity fund) & Tom, Partner at Active Partners (where he leads on their early-stage funds)
  • “How to find hockey-stick growth by innovating within your current business model” with Sarah Davies founder of PIVYT – ex Head of Innovation at O2 and the mastermind behind GiffGaff!
  • “Positioning & how to get it bang on” with Kate Hamilton from Sonder & Tell (who’ve lead the positioning for brands like Rude Health, Lick, Yoto, Cath Kidston, Mindful Chef and Sweaty Betty)
  • “How to know where to focus – lessons from big boards & 200-strong teams that apply no matter your budget” with Paddy Earnshaw, Consumer & Digital Director at B&Q (and ex CMO of House of Fraser)


Engage in online discussions with up to 8 other members, where you will tackle business challenges together, reflect on progress, hold each other accountable, and create a supportive space to share the wins and pitfalls of start-up life.

Topics include: 

  • How to build and manage a marketing budget
  • How to build your CMO / CEO relationship
  • How to build a marketing team
  • How to network like a pro when you’re senior
  • How to think like a business leader not marketing leader
  • How to build a high performing team
  • How to ensure your small budgets are effective

We are accepting 20 new members in June

Applications will be open from the 16th May until the 30th May.

A word from lottie

“Ten years ago, Up Club was a private space for Heads of Marketing, but over time we expanded access. Our teams were missing out on development and it felt unfair to exclude them. 

There’s been something missing though. Senior leaders still need a safe, private space, where we can share challenges about our teams, admit we’ve had a hard day and solve hard stuff together. 

Big Up Club is that. I’ve had countless conversations over the years where you’ve asked for this and I am so excited to build it with you.”

How does it work?

1. Apply 

Take 20 minutes to answer a series of questions that will help us understand you, your challenges and to make sure you’re the right fit for Big Up Club.

2. Confirm your place

We are only accepting 20 new members in June. Membership is annual and billed on a recurring basis. To secure your membership you must provide your card details which will be billed on the 1st of June when your membership starts.

3. Join us at dinner

You’ll be invited to our special kick off dinner on the 5th June, where you’ll get to meet your fellow members over a delicious dinner from our own private chef.

4. Sign up to our talks

We’ll send you invites to all our online and IRL events so you’ll have plenty of time to block them in your diary. 

5. Get involved in the community

Ask questions and share your challenges in our private slack group, and jump in to help others where you can.

6. Be generous with your feedback

This won’t be perfect. We still have lots of questions about how to do this right. And we will be relying on your honest feedback and ideas to help us answer them.

Big Up Club membership includes:

  • IRL talks with legendary speakers every 3 weeks 
  • Quarterly Supper Club with a private chef 
  • Informal drinks & pizza nights 
  • Weekly, expert hosted intimate Huddle Up roundtables 
  • Secret podcast series of previous Big Up Club talks
  • Full access to Up Club (100+ hours of recorded talks & 1000+ marketing minds on Slack)

Who is this for...

Marketing leaders in start-ups or scale ups beyond £2m revenue

Who reporting directly into the Founder or CEO

And are managing 2 or more direct reports

Who this is not for...

Anyone who is not currently working in house and leading a team

Anyone not up for sharing the wins and pitfalls of start-up life


Applications will be open from the 16th May until the 30th May.

If you are accepted onto the membership you must confirm your place before the 31st May.

Your first annual membership payment will be taken on the 1st June.

On the 5th June we will have our kick off dinner in London!

  • B2C marketing leaders in start-ups or scale-ups beyond £2m revenue
  • You’ll be the most senior marketer in your business
  • You’ll manage a team of at least two

Nothing! If you’re accepted into Big Up Club then we will just upgrade your membership onto the new plan. However, you will still have access to everything in Up Club as before. Think of Big Up Club as your VIP card – giving you exclusive access to private section of the Club.

The price of membership is £960 per year. This includes 12 months membership (£60 p/m) and unlimited access to all our talks and dinners. 

We do offer payment plans if you’d like to stagger the cost. Email to find out more.

Most of our members expense their membership. We made a guide here you can send to your bosses to get sign off.

We also offer a 30-day refund policy so there’s no hard feelings if we’re not quite right.

With Big Up Club, you get what you give. You can find value in different ways, from accessing support from your peers in Slack who are facing similar challenges, attending a weekly Huddle Up on a subject that feels pertinent to you, attending one of our biweekly IRL events in London. But there is no fixed time commitment. However, the more time you spend sharing your experiences and insights with other members, the more useful you’ll find the community.

You’ll have access to 5-6 events per month. 4 of these will be online, and the other 2 will be IRL in London.

However, we don’t expect you to attend all of them. Our events are designed to cater to different stages and challenges and we’d expect most members to attend 2 events a month.

We’ll send you an email clearly explaining why we think we’re not right for you and we may recommend you join our Up Club membership if you’re not already (you can see more about that here) or join the waitlist for our next Start-Up Marketing Accelerator Programme. Depending on the reasons for your rejection, we may also suggest that you apply again for a future cohort. 

This will be an important part of your experience when first joining, however if you really cannot make it then there will be another opportunity to meet everyone face-to-face on the 18th June. You will not be charged for the dinner.

We’ve learnt that the best community experience comes from when we are really focused in who we are building for, and Big Up Club is going to be focused on B2C brands. If you know this and still want to be involved, then we’d love to have you – but feel like it’s best to be really explicit. The B2B journey is different for different people

Yes! We firmly believe that looking only at competitors or one industry is a common mistake. In today’s world, in order to truly disrupt you need to learn how to take cues from different categories and apply them to your own. 

Yes, if you have someone in mind who you think would really benefit from this membership please forward this page onto them. They will need to complete their own application and can add your name when asked how they found out about Big Up Club (so we can send you something to say thank you!)

Of course! In fact your employer absolutely should make a commitment to invest in your personal development (as it’s ultimately also an investment in the business). You will be delivering better results for the business if you have access to a powerful network that can support you through complex business challenges.

We made this guide to help you get your membership expensed.

We’re always open to conversations! If you’re an agency or brand that wants to get involved with Big Up Club then please email

We are accepting 20 new members in June

Applications will be open from the 16th May until the 30th May.

want to find out more?

Pop some time in with your Community Manager Hope who would love to tell you more and answer any questions you may have!

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